{Should we find out the sex of baby NOW or WAIT?!}

Hi everyone!
So Ray and I are indecisive -well it’s more me then him, he can go either way as to finding out what we are having this coming Monday March 14th at 1:15 or waiting it out! So this is your chance to convince us/me on either going for it and finding out on Monday or waiting it out.
But first, here is my situation… I haven’t really talked about it much or really expressed how I feel about this pregnancy. 1st, I am thrilled and over joyed to be having our third blessing and completing our family! 2nd, Deep down inside of me I would love to have a boy. I would love to experiecne having one of each. I would love for my husband to have a helper and mini him. Sometimes I think if it is another girl I will be a little disappointed, and by no means do I want to feel that way at ALL! I know little ones are gifts from God, God as in trusted us with whatever he wants to give us(which already is a huge blessing to be able to have little ones) whether its a boy or a girl, he knows what is best for the little ones to be and for me to have and raise them for Him. I have prayed a lot to our amazing God to just bring me at peace and most days I am and then some days it hits me, and this is one of those days.  Its funny, well i guess not so much funny, but Ray’s side of the family says’s we are having all girls, my side says we are having a boy-lol (only God knows right now what I have in this belly). Ray has a brother who has 2 girls and they are done, Ray’s sister has 3 boys and they are done, Ray and I, as you know, have 2 girls already… so thats why my hubby’s side of the fam says we will have all girls because the men (ray and his brother) have the girls and the sis has the boys. My family says its a boy because my mom had my sister and me then my brother, so they feel I am following in those steps (praise God if it is, but either way he is to be praised!) ANYWAY… I think what my fam and what rays fam thinks and has said has gotten to me, and I need to just let go and let God do his work, and just trust in him for what he has… As I am typing this i am actually feeling better. So, the part of me who wants to wait… wants to wait because I can keep believing that it could be a boy, but I guess either way it is what it is, and also if it is a boy and I wait till the end what great joy and praise will come that day, but then again if its a girl its still a great joy and praise ( I can also say I have done it both ways, finding out and waiting if i do wait) and if I find out now what great joy and praise it will still be! So, now that you know my situation… should I find out Monday or still wait?! haha! Crazy me!


About mrsolgamarquez

I started this blog to journal the life God has set for me and my family. Life in Christ is adventurous, exciting, and expectant. In a word-EXTRAORDINARY! Follow our journey and see what extraordinary things God is doing in our lives!

6 responses to “{Should we find out the sex of baby NOW or WAIT?!}

  1. ohh honey! I love you. I Would say wait. ONLY because when that baby is laid on your chest, you will be SO Overcome with emotion, love and gratitude that you won't care what the sex is!!!!! If you find out now, you may run the risk of being dissapointed. Either way, I think you will make the best choice for your family. You are a wonderful woman of God and I know he's watching out for you guys!I Love you!!!!

  2. I also say WAIT!! I really wanted to wait with ours, but with having a big baby shower and a limited budget my husband and family convinced me to find out ahead of time…still exciting but not the same!!! My Mom never found out what she was having and I remember the excitement every time my siblings were born (there are 6 of us), it's an amazing surprise that will never dissapoint and if it is a girl you will forget you were hoping for a boy the moment you see her precious face 🙂 We will be waiting with our next one!!!

  3. I think you should have them write what your having down on paper and then seal it in an envelope! 🙂 Then if you do decide, you always have it there to open!! Thats what we are going to do on our next, because I really want it to be a surprise! Buttt…. I like to be prepared! haha

  4. You know my vote lol 😉 I agree though that you will make the best decision for your family. And remember either way the outcome is the same 🙂 I'm excited to find out either way you go! The last idea to seal it in an envelope is a great idea too!

  5. kim

    Ummm please find out cuz I'm dying to know too!!! hahahha (: Whatever you choose, you can't go wrong! But I would love to know (;

  6. You are too cute!!! I would have to suggest to wait. It is such a joy to know what your having and luckily with the medical advancements we are able to find out what were having and even see 3-d pictures. I say wait!!!! God will bless you as he see fits. When the baby is delivered you will be overcome by so many emotions the gender of the baby won't even matter. God has a plan for your family and this baby. She/He has a purpose in your life and you will have that instinct when the baby is born. If you change your mind you can always find out later. The envelope is a good idea. Or you can always go back in for an ultrasound. Whichever route you and Ray choose will be the best for your family. Good luck to you guys! I'm praying for you! I can't wait to hear the news whether you wait or if you find out early :)<3

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