{A Sweet Dream}

Not last night but the night before I had a beautiful dream… I dreamed that I was full term and ready to give birth to our third blessing. I was at the hospital laying in bed ready to bush littlest out. All the nurses were there and my doctor was there and Ray was right next to me standing on my right side. I finally starting pushing baby out and after two pushes littlest was out! I looked down to see what he/she was and I seen this little thing between its legs but wasn’t 100% sure if it was what I thought it was and sure enough my doctor says, “It’s a boy!” Ray couldn’t believe it, he said, “let me see!” so after seeing it he believed it. When my doctor first said, “its a boy,” I said, “Praise God!”  for this new little man in my life. They handed me littlest and he was absolutely Beautiful! He looked like daddy! He was so fair and had daddy’s green eyes and light brown hair. I remember thinking in my dream, wow… he didn’t get the blue eyes like my girls. I remember then saying two names one that wasnt what we are planning to name him and then correcting myself with the name we are planning to give if it is a boy. I held him up and said, “Joseph… I mean… Joshua Ryder!” I remember then my mom being on my left side and I grab her arm saying, “mom its a boy, its a boy!” I was so excited, so grateful, so blessed, and littlest was absolutely precious! This dream felt so real that when I woke up I was a little bumbed that it was all just a dream, but hopefully in Jesus name this dream will come to pass!! All in His will! That morning I told Ray about the dream (of course!) and called my mom and told her too. I couldn’t stop thinking about this little guy in my dream all day. I told Ray the dream like two or three times lol! It sure was A Sweet Dream!


About mrsolgamarquez

I started this blog to journal the life God has set for me and my family. Life in Christ is adventurous, exciting, and expectant. In a word-EXTRAORDINARY! Follow our journey and see what extraordinary things God is doing in our lives!

6 responses to “{A Sweet Dream}

  1. Well I am really sappy because this just made me cry… I can't wait to meet your little baby!!!

  2. Dreams can come true…I'm holding mine right now in my arms πŸ˜‰ What a precious gift these little ones are!!!

  3. What a beautiful dream! When do you find out what you are having? :).

  4. With time your dream may come true!<3

  5. aww that is so sweet! Maybe it is a sign πŸ™‚ I can't wait to meet your little one in July!!!

  6. Meg

    awwww yay!! I hope that your dreams come true! I love you!!

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