{God, Determination, Motivation, Discipline, and Strength}

I have NEVER met a man who is so determined then my husband. Ray is so determined to accomplish all his goals and to give his wife and kids more then he has ever had. Ray is determined to put our kids in the best schools/colleges and in a great home in the gated community of Blackhawk, and for him and his wife to travel the world! This guy amazes me, he still till this day wakes up at 4:15am, goes to the gym, comes home, eats, showers and gets to work from about 8am to 7pm monday-saturday… 6 days a week! And he still makes time to play with the girls and cuddle with the wifey on the couch. He is SUPER MAN! I was talking to my BFF-Marissa and we were talking about Ray and how not anyone can do what he does… He calls people, door knocks homes, gets rejected, gets yelled at, hears NO so many times (I would be crying every single time I got rejected, I take everything so personal.) but yet he still wakes up and does it all over again the next day! He is so discipline to stick to his schedule and keep going, he knows that out of all the No’s he hears he will soon get a YES. I have no doubt in my mind that we are going to go far, it might take a while, but we will be there! Right now we are on the journey, “the climb,” and we are making the best of it, because we know that this is the best part of it all, getting to the top! so when we look back at these times we will appreciate all that we have and the journey it took to get here.  Sometimes it can be hard, because all I want is to have more time with him, more time with him on Saturdays and for him to be home earlier on the weekdays but, like I said we are on the journey “the climb” and soon we will be spending time together in Fuji or at our home in Blackhawk with our kiddos! I feel so loved by him… because one of the reasons why he is working so hard is for me! At first I didn’t really see it, but now I get it… and I know… that I am one big part of the reason why he is also motivated on striving to do the best for us! Ray, I appreciate EVERYTHING you do, I RESPECT you more then ever, you blow my mind!!! and the fact that you are so generous, humble, and have an amazing heart is just AMAZING! I love you RAY! I thank the Lord Jesus for being with you every step of the way. I thank Him for giving you breath to go on to the next day, I thank Him for giving you the determination, motivation, discipline and strength to do what you do mon-sat.
Our God is an amazing God and he is to be praised!! All that we have and will have is His, He can take it away and He can give in abundance. I thank Him for all the blessings he has given us and with what he will bless us in the future. Anything we receive we give it to you Lord, in hopes to further your kingdom! Thank you Lord! You are our ROCK! 

Thank you Ray for all you do! Love, your wife xxoxoxoxox


About mrsolgamarquez

I started this blog to journal the life God has set for me and my family. Life in Christ is adventurous, exciting, and expectant. In a word-EXTRAORDINARY! Follow our journey and see what extraordinary things God is doing in our lives!

3 responses to “{God, Determination, Motivation, Discipline, and Strength}

  1. You two are adorable and I'm so happy for you Olga- you are a lucky and deserving woman 🙂 And Ray is amazing for how hard he works for you and the girls!!!God is good!

  2. That's so amazing to have him working so hard for you and your family. I know how it is with the long hours, John works crazy hours and is on call at least 1 week a month where we have little or no time together, but we are also on our journey together striving for something better than we have had for our children and know that it will be worth our time apart. You have the most beautiful family!!

  3. get out! we are so lucky to have such amazing men, hold on tight to him forever, through thick and thin!!

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