{Park Weather}

On Monday the girls and I met up with our amazing friend Meagan & her little man Rowan. We had some yummy lunch at round table pizza, then we headed to the park so the little ones can run free and play. The weather has been soooo nice it feels like spring! I am lovin’ this weather and so are my girls!!

Just chilin

 Fun in the sand!

 He is so darn cute!

 Love her!


{Oceana’s style}

Their is two things Oceana has to wear everyday… her orange flower clip and her ruffle skirts!
Such a girly girl.  I love it!

{Belly Business}


Pregnancy Highlights

How far along: 14 weeks
Size of baby: 3 1/2 inch
Total weight gain: 3 pounds
Maternity clothes: Not yet, but pretty soon! I already feel/look so big!
Gender: Not going to find out!
Movement: I thought I felt something in San Diego while laying on my back
Sleep: Ok… could be better
What I miss: SUSHI!
Cravings: Nothing really
Symptoms: Nausea, but it feels like I am at the end of it!

Littlest baby Marquez number 3!

{Raychel’s First Dentist Appointment}

Raychel did awesome at her first dentist appointment!! She was so good, she did everything our dentist asked her to do. She sat still the whole time, never once did she whine about anything! She did great! Our dentist Micheal said Raychel had perfect teeth, nice and clean, no cavities, and to keep up the good work of brushing and flossing!

We are so proud of you Raychel, you are such a good girl!! You did amazingly great!

Pics via blackberry

{God, Determination, Motivation, Discipline, and Strength}

I have NEVER met a man who is so determined then my husband. Ray is so determined to accomplish all his goals and to give his wife and kids more then he has ever had. Ray is determined to put our kids in the best schools/colleges and in a great home in the gated community of Blackhawk, and for him and his wife to travel the world! This guy amazes me, he still till this day wakes up at 4:15am, goes to the gym, comes home, eats, showers and gets to work from about 8am to 7pm monday-saturday… 6 days a week! And he still makes time to play with the girls and cuddle with the wifey on the couch. He is SUPER MAN! I was talking to my BFF-Marissa and we were talking about Ray and how not anyone can do what he does… He calls people, door knocks homes, gets rejected, gets yelled at, hears NO so many times (I would be crying every single time I got rejected, I take everything so personal.) but yet he still wakes up and does it all over again the next day! He is so discipline to stick to his schedule and keep going, he knows that out of all the No’s he hears he will soon get a YES. I have no doubt in my mind that we are going to go far, it might take a while, but we will be there! Right now we are on the journey, “the climb,” and we are making the best of it, because we know that this is the best part of it all, getting to the top! so when we look back at these times we will appreciate all that we have and the journey it took to get here.  Sometimes it can be hard, because all I want is to have more time with him, more time with him on Saturdays and for him to be home earlier on the weekdays but, like I said we are on the journey “the climb” and soon we will be spending time together in Fuji or at our home in Blackhawk with our kiddos! I feel so loved by him… because one of the reasons why he is working so hard is for me! At first I didn’t really see it, but now I get it… and I know… that I am one big part of the reason why he is also motivated on striving to do the best for us! Ray, I appreciate EVERYTHING you do, I RESPECT you more then ever, you blow my mind!!! and the fact that you are so generous, humble, and have an amazing heart is just AMAZING! I love you RAY! I thank the Lord Jesus for being with you every step of the way. I thank Him for giving you breath to go on to the next day, I thank Him for giving you the determination, motivation, discipline and strength to do what you do mon-sat.
Our God is an amazing God and he is to be praised!! All that we have and will have is His, He can take it away and He can give in abundance. I thank Him for all the blessings he has given us and with what he will bless us in the future. Anything we receive we give it to you Lord, in hopes to further your kingdom! Thank you Lord! You are our ROCK! 

Thank you Ray for all you do! Love, your wife xxoxoxoxox

{San Diego!}

Every year in January we take our yearly trip to San Diego, because my sweet husband has a seminar (Mike Ferry) he goes to and he takes us along and we make it a mini vaca! Last year Oceana was a little peanut not even walking and this year she was all over the place! I cant believe that next year we will have a new little one with us!!!! Click here to see last years trip!

 I love San Diego, the weather was beautiful!! We stayed at the Hyatt again which we will be staying there every year except once Raychel starts school then we wont be able to go with daddy anymore =( but until then I am going to enjoy it every year ;). It’s so nice not having to clean or cook and just enjoy being with my girls and hubby after his seminar. All we pretty much did out there was order room service and go out to dinner in the evenings, It was a nice little getaway with the fam =)

While Ray was in his seminars the girls and I went on walks and met up with my girl friend Melissa! Melissa is a sweet heart, I went to high school with her so it was nice to get together again and remanes on the olden days. here are a pics of our nice little getaway…

Our view from our room

Out in the city with Melissa

Out on a walk with my girls

Out to dinner with the whole fam bam


{Our Early 4 Year Anniversary Getaway!}

Mine and Ray’s anniversary is January 7th which is this Friday coming up but we will be busy with other plans that weekend and that following week so, Ray decided to surprise me early morning on January 1st by having his mom and grandma stay at our place for a night and watch the girls. Ray’s mom and grandma arrived at 10:30am and as soon as they arrived our journey began! We went to our favorite breakfast place in Pleasanton called Zorns. We had a wonderful time talking and enjoying our delicious omelets. After breakfast we got back in the car and headed out to the city. I had no clue to where we were headed and where we were staying. After a few minutes of driving we finally arrived to where we were staying… The Ritz-Carlton! We checked-in, checked out our room and the hotel, then headed off to fisherman’s wharf were we walked around and got some good’ol clam chowder soup,  watched a show, headed to the house of wax, grabed some coffee, and went to our favorite restaurant Cha Chas. Their food is so goooood!! Once we finished dinner we headed back to our room and relaxed before heading out to my other surprise Ray had for me…. which was watching Shrek the musical, unfortunately, we only watched half of the show because I wasn’t feeling so good and was getting super tired. Once we got back to our room Ritz-Carlton had left us a surprise on our bed… rose pedals!! SO ROMANTIC!! The next morning we slept in and enjoyed cuddling with each other, we then got up got ready and headed back home to get the girls and drop them off at Ray’s sisters house for the next surprise Ray had for me…. a couples massage for one hour and a half!!!! RELAXATION! After our massage we got some coffee and ended this beautiful, fun, romantic anniversary with a kiss! I love spending quality time with the hubby its the best thing EVER! He is my love, my best friend, my soul mate,  he is my everything! I love you babe and I am so blessed to have you an incredible man as my husband!!! May God bless us and keep us strong always! I love you love bug!

{Belly Business}

I will be 12 weeks tomorrow, so my due date is July 20th!! We had our doctors appointment today and it went great! We got to see little peanut and his heart beat. It is such a wonderful thing seeing this little person grow inside of you. I am in awe of God and his creations. I wish I had that ultrasound monitor at my house so I can see the little peanut move and just to look at my littlest baby whenever I wanted. It’s crazy how in-love you are with the little peanut growing in your belly and not yet held him/her. We are so excited and thankful for littlest!!!!!!!