{Ray’s Christmas Present}

2008 Black Mercedes S550 amg package 3 26,000 miles
CONGRATS LOVE BUG!!!!!! You deserve it!!!

{Christmas 2010}

We headed over to my mother-in-laws for dinner and to get together with the rest of the family.


Stay tuned for Ray’s Christmas present!!!!!

{Christmas Decorations}

Jesus is the reason for the season!

{Raychel’s Birthday Party}

This past Saturday we invited just our immediate family and a few friends over to celebrate Raychel’s 3rd Birthday. It was nice and small compared to her 1st and 2nd birthday were we gone all out, so this year we decided to do something small. Even though it was small and no other kids her age, Raychel had tons of fun just being the center of attention.

Raychel cracks me up because as soon as everyone was done enjoying some yummy pizza we had cake and right after she blew out the candles she ran to all the presents and began opening them up! Hahaha… she is hilarious.

We really enjoyed celebrating our angles birthday with our fam! Thanks for coming everyone!

PS my parents we not there, because they had left bright and early to Mexico. Oh, and we also missed the Miller family (Ray’s sister, hubby and her 3 boys) =(

{Raychel Today You Turn 3 Years Old!!!!}

Raychel you are such a blessing to us, you are an amazing little girl who loves the Lord all ready at a young age, and we are so proud of you and we feel so blessed to have you as our child! You are so smart! You love everything princess, and we think its so cute! You call daddy your prince and daddy loves that! We love you so much!! Oceana loves you so much and you are such a great big sister to her. WE LOVE YOU RAYCHEL!!! HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY!! May God bless you all the days of your life, and that you may always run to Him when in need or someone to just talk to. He loves you and He will never leave you. Trust in Him always!

How time flies! We still remember the first day we held you…


{Raychel’s Quotes}

Last week I was getting ready and out of the blue Raychel comes in and says, “Mommy, Jesus loves me.” I said, “Yes honey He does!” Then she says, ” Jesus can see us, but we can’t see him. Jesus loves daddy, Oceana, Raychel, Mommy, Jacob (her cousin) and Jordan (her best girlfriend).” I said, “Yes He does, He loves everybody.” It was such a blessing to hear her say this, specially, because it was so random. We were not listening to any Christian songs, we were not even talking about Him. I am so Thankful that I know of Jesus Christ and that my children will also know of Him!

{Raychel’s first time in front of an audience}

This past Sunday at church the 2 1/2 – 3 year olds sang a few Christmas songs for the whole church! This was Raychel’s first time in front of an audience, and she did amazing!! She sang so good, and moved her little hands. It was the cutest thing EVER!! I loved it!! I was such a proud mommy waving at her, and taking pictures. Dad had a huge smile on his face watching his angel sing. Oceana pointed to her sister and clapped <333

In the morning on our way to Church I told Raychel that she was going to sing in front of the church and that daddy and mommy were going to be watching her, so when her little class came out holding hands… Raychel was looking all over the place for daddy and mommy ( it melted my heart) so I stood up right away for her to see me and as soon as she did she had a huge smile and waved. I LOVE IT!

They sang 5 songs, the 1st was Happy birthday Jesus 2. If I were a camel 3. twinkle, twinkle special star 4. In a little stable 5. we wish you a Merry Christmas 

Raychel is in the front bottom row wearing a black dress and her gold shoes


First off… I feel like I haven’t blogged in like FOREVER!!! and now that I am, it doesn’t feel the same. I really don’t feel like going on here as much as I did before getting morning sickness. lol this is probably not a good way to start this post, but I am just saying what I am feeling at the moment. Its kinda nice though, not being on the computer everyday. Anyways, Thanksgiving was great, (besides feeling a little nauseous) we had a good time at Ray’s moms house and then after at my parents. We have a big family, so it is tons of fun hanging out with all the aunts, uncles, cousins and friends!

The Hubs and Brother-in-law
 Frank & Carol
 Karen and Cindy
 The little ones eating their Thanksgiving dinner
 At my parents house. Elizabeth, Iris, Me, Alejandra

 The cousins/friends
Bridget & Felipe
 Sister & Brother

We are so Thankful that God has blessed us with huge family!