{Morning Sickness}

Morning sickness All day sickness has creeped up on me and it’s not fun. I haven’t been able to be on the computer since it makes me feel even more nauseous. I am trying to type this as fast as I can so I can go sit back down again (my husbands desk is a stand up desk so no chair. He doesn’t like to be sitting down). I will be checking every ones posts as soon as I start to feel a little better but right now am going to say away from the computer for a little. Any of the mommies out there if you have any tips on how I can feel a little better or if something worked good on you to ease the nausea please let me know! I will need it with two little ones running around.

My mom is the best! She is over and making me some homemade chicken soup! Love her! She is such a great help to me, I am so blessed to have her here with me. Thank you Lord!
Have a great Thanksgiving week everyone!!


{Prospecting School in Vegas}

Last week,  Wednesday through Friday, Ray went to Vegas for prospecting school. Prospecting school is an organization made by Mike Ferry where you are with a group of people, each person gets a cubicle and you just call potential clients from 9am-5pm. They call for sale by owners, expireds, and just listed/just sold homes. Ray already does this religiously  Monday through Friday to get new clients, but the cool thing about going to prospecting school is that you can tap into the other persons call and listen in on their conversations and hear how they handle things with potential clients, and how they pursue them to list their home with them.( I think this is so cool, because you listen in to the other persons conversations and get other ideas on how to talk to your potential clients.) Even though its not so much about persuading, but being honest, helping people accomplish their goals to buy or sale, doing your homework and really knowing whats going on in the market. Which Ray is always doing his homework, and he is way on top of everything! He is such a great Real Estate agent! I am not just saying this because he is my husband, but because he really is trust worthy, a hard worker, and he doesn’t stop until he finds you the perfect home for the best deal or sales your home for top dollar! This is Ray’s career, he doesn’t do it part-time, he is fully focused 100% on Real Estate. ( I know I am going a little out of the subject now, but I cant help but to brag a little about my hubby… hehe). Lets put it this way… If you are going to get surgery done, do you want a part-time surgeon to perform the surgery on you or do you want someone who is full-time who does it every single day? It’s kinda like an agent too, do you want someone that does it here and there or someone who knows the market inside and out, since that’s what they do every. single. day. hahaha… I have no clue why I went this far, but I did! OK, so where were we?! Oh, yes… prospecting school! Ray goes to prospecting school about 4 times a year, and there is always different people so you can always get/hear new ideas on how they talk to potential clients. Not only that, but the environment you’re in… everyone there is motivated on calling and getting clients, and you feed off of everyones energy. This is why Ray goes about 4 times a year to prospecting school. Ray is always learning and going to seminars, he wants to be the best agent he can be!

                    Here is two pictures of Ray last week at prospecting school..

 You can see in this picture a guy tapping into Ray’s call and listening in.

{Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte}


2 cups milk

2 Tablespoons canned pumpkin

2 Tablespoons of sugar or sugar substitute-adjust to taste

2 teaspoons vanilla extract

1/2 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice

1/2 cup strong brewed coffee (or 1/4 c. espresso)


In a saucepan, stir together milk, pumpkin, and sugar. Cook and stir over med. heat until steaming. Remove from heat, stir in vanilla and pumpkin pie spice, transfer to blender and process for 15 sec. or until foamy or you can skip the blender  and just whisk in the pan. Pour into a large mug and add the coffee or espresso on top. 

PS what is up with blogger and these gaps?!


{All I want for Christmas is…}

 my stocking to be filled with goodies!!!!
Hahaha! J/K . I had never seen a stocking this big so I had to take a pic via my blackberry.
PS Sorry I look kinda scary in this pic

{Bible Study}

Every second Saturday of every month I get together with these great group of girls to share this study we have been doing called Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge. This book is amazing! It is a must read! I love it, its made me cry, its made me laugh, its just a great book over all!

There is something so wonderful and freeing about baring your soul to a group of Christian women. Chatting, laughing, eating, comforting, understanding, motivating, encouraging… I just love everything about it. These girls our the best, I love them so much! I am extremely blessed that God placed them in my life!! We have such a great bond between us.. its incredible, and we trust each other completely.  I LOVE YOU LADIES!

Normally we have more ladies at the study, but this Saturday it was just us. 😉 

A BIG Thanks to Garrett for watching the kiddos while us mommies did our thang!

{When it’s quiet, you know that means trouble!}

So here I am on the computer while the girls are in the living room playing with daddy. A few minutes later I hear quietness, but I figure everything is OK, because they are with daddy. A few more minutes later Raychel walks into the office room (where I am at), and this is what I see…. 

 This girl cracks me up!!

Then I walk out to the living room to find my husband sleeping (which I don’t mind, poor guy, he works so hard through out the week that he needs these naps!) Then I walk over to the bathroom to find this….

Oh, man!
When the kids are quiet… you know… they are up to no good! haha!

{Introducing Raychel Marquez…}

Singing The Little Mermaid, Up Where they Walk.

scroll all the way down and pause my music so you can hear her better! 😉

FYI the video came out very dark! =(

{He Knows Best!}

I don’t even know where to start?! All I can say is “praise God!” He is beyond amazing! He is such a loving Father who loves His children (Us) and wants us to come to Him with whatever need we have or just to sit at His feet and talk to Him about anything.

A few weeks ago I was talking to Ray saying that if we had it our way and had all our kids (we want a total of 3. 2 down 1 to go) 18 months apart then we would be having our 3rd in like  2 months! Craziness! So now that we thought about it, it probably would have been hard on Oceana. Oceana is such a mommy’s girl she needs me 24/7! Here is an example: At church when its my turn in the toddler room and Oceana sees me holding another little one she will scream, “my mommy, mine!” and push the little one away from me (poor the other little child they are scared of her haha), she even does that with her sister. Oceana loves to cuddle with me. There are times when she will just randomly come up to me and hug me so tight… its the sweetest thing ever! So, Ray and I were just telling each other that it probably would have been to much for her right now or maybe not, maybe its something completely different, but all we know is the God knows what is best for our family and the perfect timing.

On saying all this…it brings me to this… Ray the girls and I found out we are expecting baby numero tres!!!!! We are so excited to complete our family!

Here is the story…

This past Monday I woke up and was anxious to take a pregnancy test since I was supposed to start my period the next day (Tuesday) I kept thing about… think about it… I even thought about texting my sister to ask her if I should take it or not, but then I decided not to and ask God instead. I started talking to Him saying, “Lord Jesus, help me not to be anxious and wait on you. Lord, should I take the test or should I wait? If I do, please bring peace to my heart for whatever the outcome may be.” After saying that prayer, Ray got home for lunch so we had lunch together. I didn’t mention anything to him, because I wanted to wait and see what I would decide to do. After lunch Ray had to get going back to work, and I went into the girls room to organize their room and get rid of some old clothes that does not fit them anymore. While I was putting some clothes away I felt the urge to use the restroom, and at this time I decided I was going to take the prego test. There I am in the restroom unwrapping the pregnancy test, did what I had to do, and then I just waited for the hour glass to stop turning. It felt like FOREVER! I thought to myself I am probably not pregnant since its taking way too long. I stopped and I started to pray “Lord, please bring peace to my heart for whatever the outcome may be. Just be with me and give me understanding.” I look back at the test and two seconds later “Pregnant” pops up on the screen! “Oh. My. Gosh!” I started praising God, and just thanking Him for this amazing blessing, this amazing gift he has given me…baby numer tres!! These children our His and he has given me the gift to be their mommy here on this earth, and I am beyond thankful for that!

I wanted to surprise Ray on letting him know that I am pregnant, so I figured I would take a picture of the prego test and put it on his desktop screen since he always goes on it to check any last e-mails or send any last paper work via e-mail. So that was exactly what I did! Sure enough out of all the days of him working late it had to be this night, and to top it off he took way to long to get on the computer! I just had to wait patiently with my camera around my neck note: it is totally normal for him to see me with my camera and just take random pictures of him, the girls or anything, so he didn’t think anything of it..haha! until he went into his office so I can snap pictures of him when he looks at the desktop screen. After dinner with the whole fam bam he finally goes into his office looks at his paper work, signs some papers, checks his calender, writes notes on his calender, and finally I see him reaching over for the mouse and here we go…

He moved the mouse, but has not looked at the screen
 Just looked at the screen

Is a little shocked
Now, he gets it!!

He was like, “is this serious, are you serious?!” and of course I said, “yes!” and we sealed it with a kiss!
 This is how the desktop screen looked…
Oceana was holding the prego test

We know its super early, but there is no way we can keep this a secret… Its are 3rd little one to complete our family!! This is way to exciting and amazing to keep it a secret. We know that the Lord holds everything in His hands and no matter what happens He will always be with us every step of the way! He knows the plan for our family, and we praise him!

{Park Randoms}

 Oceana is so determined. She was going up the slide ( the wrong way), because she seen her sister going up the slide and she wanted to try it too. She kept trying and falling and sliding back down, then she fell really hard and hit her poor little face, that’s when I said, “that’s it! No more going up the slide!” and brought her back down. A few minutes later I see her trying to go back up the slide again!! This time she did it, she made it to the top!! When Oceana wants something she keeps on going till she gets it!

 Raychel is such a sweet helper, she was helping Oceana get down.

{The Best Game Ever}

Most of you know that Ray and myself are big fans of the Oakland Raiders, and today they played an amazing game!!

(By Dennis Georgatos NFL writer)
Just a week removed from his first NFL start, Raiders rookie wide receiver Jacoby Ford made the critical plays that helped transform the Oakland Raiders into something they haven’t been for a long time a contending team. Ford returned a kickoff 94 yards for a touchdown for the Raiders’ first points and he made two huge catches setting up the tying and winning field goals by Sebastian Janikowski as the Raiders beat the Kansas City Chiefs 23-20 in overtime on Sunday.

The victory snapped the Chiefs’ seven-game winning streak in Oakland and pulled Oakland to within an half game of the front-running Chiefs in the AFC West. The Raiders won their third straight game for the first time since 2002 and improved to 5-4. It’s also their first winning record this late in the season since 2002, when they put together a Super Bowl run. They’ve had seven consecutive losing seasons since then, and have never had more than five wins in a season in that span. They’ve already got their fifth win this season and they’ve got seven more to play.