{Christians are like pumpkins}

“It is like being a pumpkin.

God picks you from the patch,

brings you in, and washes all the dirt off of you.

Then he cuts off the top and scoops out all the yucky stuff.

He removes the seeds of doubt, hate, greed, fear,

and then He carves you a new smiling face

and puts His light inside of you to shine for all the world to see.”


{Grandma Carol and Nana are the BEST}

My mother-in-law and Ray’s grandma are such sweet hearts! Every holiday they bring the girls some goodie bags. For Halloween they got them each a card, candy, a cute shirt, and a cute pumpkin pony tail holder!
Thank you Carol and Nana!


Raychel you are too cute! She was holding this little pumpkin and saying,”Oh little baby, its OK, its OK.” and pats it!

We seen a great friend of ours there with her kiddos!!

Raychel loves Riley!

{Dad’s Birthday}

Sunday we went to church, went back home, watched the Raiders win, and in the evening we headed to my parents house to celebrate my dad’s birthday! We had a nice dinner together and watch a movie. I love spending time with family, it is the BEST!

 This picture of my dad is too funny, he was tring not to blink so he made sure his eyes were wide open! Oh, dad… haha!

Hugo, Elizabeth and my little munchkin!
Me and the hubs!

{Game Night}

Saturday we headed over to Ray’s friends (John) house to check out his new place and watch the Giants game! It was so much fun hanging out with john and Janet (john’s girlfriend) and the rest of the gang! We had some delicious dips that Janet made and some pizza while watching the game. The evening was so much fun and it got even better since the Giants won!!!

Such good people! Love them!

 The crew!
 Everyone jumping for joy when the Giants won!!

{Garrett and Meagan’s Annual Halloween Party!}

Friday night Ray got home from work at about 5:30pm, we had no Halloween costumes, so we rushed over to the Halloween store and picked out a costume, tried it on as fast as we could, then headed to my parents to drop the girls off, and finally off we were to Meagan & Garrett’s annual Halloween party! It was so much fun seeing what everyone else was dressed as and just having a good ‘ol time with friends!

Popeye & Olive Oil! At the my parents house.

{Blackhawk Plaza & Daddy’s Office at J. Rockcliff}

Last week, my sister, the girls and I headed to blackhawk plaza to hang out and feed the ducks. The girls have so much fun there, they love feeding the ducks and playing on the playground. After a nice little time of walking the plaza we headed to Ray’s office which is right next to the plaza. The girls love to go visit daddy at his office, and daddy loves when his little girls come to see him at work!
Ray just hired a new assistant (Lori) to help him out with all the paper work, since he is becoming more and more busy (praise God!). It is such a blessing to see my husbands business grow! I am so excited that Lori will be apart of our team, and she will be in this journey of growing with us! I know we are going to reach the stars! My husband is such a hard worker and very motivated, he is not lazy whatsoever! He is not only determined on reaching his goals, but going beyond them. 
With God all things are possible!  Our success we owe it all to you Lord.

{Mommy & the Girls at the Pumpkin Patch}

There is a farmers market literally at walking distance from my house, and they added a cute little pumpkin patch in the back! They have a little place where they have pigs, a pony, chickens, and goats you can feed. They also have a cute little maze… well I guess its more like a tunnel, there is only one way in and one way out. There is tons of pumpkins (of course!) and a blow up cat, pumpkins, and Frankenstein. Raychel loved running around through all the pumpkins and going through the tunnel maze. Oceana was scared at first to go through the tunnel, since it was a little dark, but after a few minutes she was catching up with her sister! The girls had a lot of fun, Raychel didn’t want to leave, so we will for sure be going here a couple more times since its so close!!

Raychel is so funny, when we passed by the goats, she said, “It smells like cow!” and when we past by the pigs, she said, “It smells like pig!” haha!

{Raychel & Oceana}

Raychel’s quotes…

“Daddy, it’s your turn, I watched T.V. all day. Daddy you watch football?! Can I watch wit (with) you?”
“Oceana dont touch dat (that), dats daddy’s stuff. Oceana listen to Raychel! You get time-out!”
Raychel loves to sing, “Oh no, you never let go through the calm and through the calm” haha I love it, their is no storm in her life just calmness!
When Raychel is eating and is trying to pick up her chicken with her fork and cant, she will say, ” Ugh… I cant get it!” then when she does get it she will say, ” Oh, here we go!”
I am giving the girls a bath and I called Oceana “a little mermaid,” because she was on her belly in the tub -like swimming, and Raychel says, ” Mom Raychel -mermaid, Oceana -fish.” haha.. She cracks me up!
When Oceana is not being nice or not sharing or Raychel herself doesnt want to share she will come to me and say, “Oceana need to-take-a nap!” Oh, Raychel haha! 
Raychel is such a sweet heart, she listens to mommy most of the time. She loves being out and playing with friends and cousins, her favorite dressing is Ranch, she wants chicken nuggets with her ranch, not the other way around. Raychel is such a little mommy to Oceana, when little O.C. falls or gets hurt Raychel will try to cheer her up, and say, “Oh, its OK baby, you OK.” I LOVE IT!

Raychel will also let me know when Oceana is doing something she shouldn’t be doing. 

Raychel likes to pretend to be highlighting mommies hair…

 She was being silly by putting a mint on her check, and then said,” Mommy take a picture!”

Oceana 16 months old
Oceana says lots of words! She says, Mommy, Daddy, Please, Thank you, Agua (water in Spanish), Bye bye, Hi, No, Mine (her favorite), poo poo, ca-ca (haha), and teta (she says teta which is in Spanish, asking for her bottle).
When Oceana has poo poo, she will point to her bottom and say, “Caca, poo poo.”

Before they eat we say a little prayer and at the end she says, “Amen.” awe.. melts my heart!

When Ray leaves to work or just gets up from the table and leaves, she will say, “daddy, Bye byes.”
When Ray tries to steal some food from oceana’s plate, she will point her little finger and wave it while saying, “noo, noo, noo, no, no!” Too cute, I love it!
Oceana loves to have her shoes on, she doesn’t like them off. If her shoes are off she will run to her room and find any shoes, then run back towards me and has me put them on for her, she says, “shhhh” (for shoe).
Lately Oceana has been going through this phase where she wants her blanky with her and her stuffed doggy. Raychel never went through any phase were she needed/wanted her blanky or stuffed toy, But every little one is different. Its so cute though, she will kiss her little doggy and just cuddle with it, its so sweet.
Oceana has a skin reaction when she gets ranch on her face, It gets all red and blotchy… strange =( ??  O.C. loves chocolate chip cookies, soups, beans, hot dogs, Mexican rice, milk, yogurt, bananas, and grapes.
Little O.C. loves playing with her sister and tries to do and say anything she does/says. Its so precious hearing Oceana try to repeat what Raychel is saying, my heart melts.

Looking out the window, seeing if daddy is almost home.

Oceana calls her balnky “B” because “blanky” is too hard for her to say.

{Pumpkin Patch Fun!}

On Saturday we met up with the Law family and the Barnett family at the G&M pumpkin patch! It was so much fun getting together with these two families and their precious little ones! 

Such a beautiful little family!

Riding the cow train!

Our little family! 

The mommies

Finding our way through the maze, go Raychel!

Playing in the Indian corn box!
 Garrett making sure the little man had no more corn on him.. haha! Too cute!

Raychel loved going down the slide with Garrett and Rowan!

Raychel and Daddy putting their shoes back on.
The girls had tons of fun (more Raychel then Oceana, since O.C. just had woken up from her nap) riding the cow train, finding their way through the straw bale maze, playing in the Indian corn box, playing in the play ground, seeing all the farm animals, and playing with their buddies!
After the pumpkin patch we head out with Law family to grab some lunch at Alehouse. Their burgers were the bomb!!! haha I haven’t said that word “the bomb” in a long time.. haha but its the best way… I guess.. to describe how delicious they were! 
 We love you Law family <33

 Like  father  like  daughter!
 After a long day of fun, the girls were fast asleep!!

{One Day My King Will Come!}

One day my King will come, one day we’ll meet again and away to his castle we’ll go, to be happy FOREVER I know. and the angels will sing and the wedding bells will ring, one day. How amazing that moment will be, someone I have been longing to see… one day my King will come.

Revelations 21:1-4
Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea. I saw the Holy city, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of the heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband. And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, “Now the dwelling of God is with men, and he will live with them. They will be his people, and God himself will be with them and be their God. He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.
hallelujah!! Praise God! Isn’t that amazing… ” he will live with us, God himself will be among us!  this just has touched me, Our God is so loving and merciful, and compassionate towards us that he loves us just the way we are, and all he wants is for us to love and to trust in him and to follow him, so one day we can be among him in paradise!!