{A Brand New Love}

I don’t know what the deal is with me, because there are all these BEAUTIFUL places near me and I don’t even know about them! I went on a play-date with a friend of mine (Megan) and her son (Gavin). Megan told me to meet her at the Blackhawk plaza which is only 5 mins from my house. When the girls and I arrived to the plaza, we fell in love right away!! It is so beautiful… they have a duck pond, a park, great food, and lots of nice little shops! This by far will be mine and our girls hang out and not only that but it’s right by daddy’s (Ray) new office!! Yes, Ray has a new office in Blackhawk, he switched companies and is now with J. Rockcliff!! We are very excited and believe this is the PERFECT move for him and for us!! (more of ray moving to J. Rock in another post 🙂 ). The girls loved this park, they had a lot of fun feeding the ducks (Oceana was a bit scared at first, but then warmed up to them). It is just gorgeous there!


where is your favorite park and what cool features does it have?


{Raychel’s Quotes and Class Clown}

Raychel is just so darn cute! Specially when she talks!

When Raychel sees a spider she will say, “mommy, daddy, Spiderman!”

We were at church and Raychel and oceana go to two separate classes. I picked up Raychel from her class and walked over to where Ray was, and she says, “Mommy where is peewee?” A friend of ours looked at us and said, “who is peewee?” Ray and I laughed, because that’s what we call Oceana (we have a ton of nick names for her). It was just too cute hearing Raychel say that!

Raychel – “Mommy can I watch TV for 1 second, and then it’s your turn?!” (Sure honey.. haha!)

When Ray is getting out of the car to grab something at the store and there is no need for all of us to go too, Raychel says, ” Daddy can I go with you? I want you too.”  (Ray cant say no to that! What dad would?!)

When Oceana gets a boo boo Raychel says, ” ven, ven mi baby, it’s ok.” and gives her a big hug almost chocking her!  (ven, ven means.. come, come and mi means my) 

What I love most is when Raychel out of the blue walks around the house saying, ” Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, praise the Lord!” <3333

These are only a few of the cutest things she says. It’s hard to remember them all when your trying to think about them.


I’m not sure if being the class clown is a good thing or something I should worry about?!

Yesterday after service I headed over to get Raychel from her class and the teacher told me that Raychel is like the class clown. She said that when they were singing praise Raychel would clap her hands and say, “Bravo, Bravo!”  hahaha! And that Raychel is so talkative. Raychel was also telling the teacher (after every task they had!) ” After this we go play outside?” over and over! Oh, man! That’s not all, so she told the teacher she had to go poo poo, so the teacher rushed her to the potty where she sat in the potty pretending to be pushing and she would squint her eyes, then she gets down from the potty, pulls up her pull-ups and says,  “All done!”  haha! Oh, my goodness! When the teacher was telling me all this I couldn’t help but laugh! Oh, Raychel!!

I hope Ray and I don’t have to anything to worry about when she starts pre-school or do we?!

{Not Giving Up}

A few days ago I found Oceana holding her teething gel tube and putting it in her mouth, so I took it from her and placed it on top of our dining table. She got so mad that I took it from her she started screaming and crying, I then picked her up and took her to the couch to cuddle with her and to try calming her down, but that did not work! Oceana then pushes me off, runs over to the chair and is trying so hard to climb that chair to get to that teething gel tube (this is when I ran and got my camera, because I knew she wasn’t going to give up anytime soon). That girl… no joke… tried for like 5-10mins climbing this chair while… falling, slipping, and hitting her head on the glass… all for this one little tube! Never once did she give up! Eventually, like 10 minutes later she got up on the chair onto the table and grabbed that tube!! Talk about determination (just like her daddy)!!

( Ray and Raychel were not able to witness this, because they went out to get some ice cream!)

{Go Raaaaadiers!!}

This past Sunday was my first tailgating!! It was a lot of fun BBQing, and hanging out with all the freinds before the game! The game started off a little rocky, but it got better as soon as Bruce Gradkowski (the quater back) got in the game. After four quarters of play the Raiders did indeed pull out a victory!!! YES!! Go Raiders!!
Way to go Bruce!!

{Carol Jean’s 50th Birthday}

On Saturday Ray and I headed over to PF Chains to celebrate his aunt Carol Jean’s 50th! It was a lot of fun being with family!
The Birthday Girl!
The birthday girl with her family.
Me and the hubby ❤
Sister-in-law and her hubby
Brother-in-law and his fam.
Ray’s cousin, Karen and her boyfriend

{Fall Decorations}

It’s officially Fall, so out with the decorations!

These are a few little decoration, for now! 😉
Yay… for fall!

{Break Time}

Nap times = Mommy time!
Nothing better then a good book and Starbucks!!

{Not Pregnant}

Most of you know that Ray and I have been trying for baby number 3, and it is taking a lot longer then what we had expected. It made me really sad and frustrated to see the pregnancy test say, “Not Pregnant” but then, I remembered the verse of the week I posted on Monday and It truly spoke to me and brought me peace. God’s plans are not our plans nor His ways are our ways,  so I just have to trust in him and leave it in God’s hands, because he truly knows the perfect timing, and His plan in our life is for a reason and for His glory! Not only that, but I should be and I am extremely grateful to have these two amazing girls already. My heart and prayers go out to all the women who have been trying for years to have their first child. I pray that you will all experience the joy of a child and that you will know God had a purpose in the journey. Trust in Him!


Raychel has not 1, not, 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, BUT 7 purses! That’s way more purses then mommy has… whats up with that?! haha! She is such a purse and shoes girl (maybe Ill post the shoes some other time)… talk about girly girl! I love it though, She looks so cute caring her purse around!
  • Inside her purse she carries… princess cards, scrunchies, a fake cell phone, a princess note pad, crayons, and anything else that is cute and can fit!!