{Tilden Park with Marissa & Jordan}

Yesterday the girls and I met up with Marissa and her beautiful little girl Jordan at Tilden park so that the girls could have a super fun playdate by feeding the animals and riding the steam train! Raychel and Jordan are so cute together, they are so girly, I love it! The girls had tons of fun feeding the animals and they LOVED the steam train so much that we ended up riding it twice. It was such a fun time I cant wait to go again soon!

mommy & daughter ❤
My little OC!
Love, love, love Raychel in this picture…super cute!
Thanks for the pictures Marissa!!


{Vegas 2010!}

Vegas was so much fun!! All we pretty much did was hang out at the pool, order room service, check out all the other hotels, and go out to dinner! Sooo relaxing!!!
Posting quick randoms do to all these pics are via blackberry. still no camera… hopefully soon though I will get a Digital SLR!
Raychel at the airport…
Our home for 6 days…
 City Center…
Our pool days…

I loved spending time with Danielle!!! I was so happy she was out there!
getting our tan on!
the girls drinking a virgin strawberry daiquiri!
Ray’s brother and sister-in-law came out for the weekend, so it was a lot of fun hanging with them by the pool!
At the water show…
fun hang outs…
love Oceana in this pic… hahaha!!

{Vegas Recap 2009}

Last year we started what we will be doing every year in the summer which is… going to Vegas! Ray attends the Mike Ferry seminar and it takes place every July in Vegas, so I am so excited that this is going to be a yearly thing we do! We also go to Mike Ferry’s seminar in January located in San Diego, so that is another yearly thing we will be doing too! Last year Oceana was only 2 months old when we went, but we had my sister join us so I had some help, and Ray and I were able to go on a date night!

We stay at the MGM.. I ❤ MGM!
Before Ray and I went on our date

On our date!
Eating at the RainForest Cafe
Hanging out by the pool
The coolest thing was that my gf Valerie was staying at the MGM that same week/weekend and we didn’t even plan it! How cool was that?!

Ray was so sweet to hang out with the our baby girls while us ladies grabbed some coffee and looked at the little shops they had.

I had such a great time last year and this year was so much fun as well, and now that the girls are older we had lots of fun hanging out by the pool and getting in the water! And the funny thing is… is that God always puts a gf out there for me to hang out with lol! My gf Danielle was out there so we got to spend sometime with her! I wonder who will be out there next year?!! 

Pictures will be up soon of this Vegas trip so stay tuned 😉

{love this age!}

Raychel is amazing… she cracks me up with the cutest things she says!

We went grocery shopping, so I was cleaning the refrigerator before I put the grocery’s in, and Raychel is standing right next to me and says, ” Mom you cleaning… good job” then she puts her hand on my back and says, “I’m proud of you.” Then I said, “Thank you Raychel for being so sweet.” she says, ” oh… your welcome.” Love it!! It is so cool now that I can have a conversation with my pumpkin!! She is amazing, and so smart! Such a fun age!

{clothes, shoes & jewelery}

I was looking on-line and seen some cute clothes for my girls and for me!

The hubby just bought me these two shirts from Express! and some other clothes from AE.. Thanks babe!

The outfit above and this one underneth are super cute for my little Raychel! LOVE!

This cute little white dress would look so cute with the necklace, the sunglasses, and the shoes. Super cute!

Love this shirt!!!!
Super cute dresses…
Love these two outfits with the boots!


LOVE the knee high boots!
I ❤ necklace
some more cute outfits I like…

{Stella and Dot Party!}

I had a Stella and Dot Party at my house and it was so much fun!! I love all these ladies that made it to my “glam girls night out jewelry party!”

Life throws curve balls and sometimes along the way we lose some friends even best friends, but I am so blessed with the friends I have NOW! They are amazing!! These are definitely the girls I want in my life forever! I was telling my hubby when he got home about all the ladies that made it out and how blessed I am to have them in my life. Ray was happy to see me happy with these great group of girlfriends. They are all so different, but yet they are all so loving and caring, and they honestly care about me and my family!

Thank you ladies for coming! I Love you all so much, you guys are the BEST! I thank God for placing you lovely ladies in my life! Praise God! 🙂

The party was so much fun, we just hang out, chatted, had some nice wine, treats and enjoyed each others company while doing what we girls do best… SHOPPING!!

leonor,mom,sister (elizabeth),brittany,candice,clarissa,me,sara,michelle & meagan ❤

Sister ❤
Mom with her girls

{Nadine & Keith’s Wedding on the 4th!}

Nadine and Keith’s wedding was so beautiful, I was in tears most of the time! Their wedding was such a dream wedding, specially it being on 4th of July… they were able to watch the beautiful fireworks on their most amazing day of their lives, and the best part of it, is that on their anniversaries they will always have fireworks! They are such amazing people, they are always there for their friends & family when in need of a hand, They are just great people!


~They had a photo booth at their wedding…that was awesome!
Ready to go to the wedding!

at the ceremony waiting for the BRIDE!
The girls hanging out.
Here she comes!! So beautiful!

pictures from the photo booth…

Such a fun wedding! We love you Yamagata family!

{4th of July!}

The 4th was so much fun morning to night! Early morning we woke up, and I made eggs with sausage and pancakes for breakfast, then we got ready and walked over to the Danville parade! I love parades they are so much fun to watch! Oceana really enjoyed it too, and Raychel… well… she was ready to walk back home… hahaha! That girl!

After the parade we went back home, had a nice little snack, and got ready for the WEDDING!!
PS. no new camera yet, these are taking via my black berry.