{He is the Best!}

Ray is such an amazing husband, I love him so much!! I didn’t know that my love for him can keep on growing!! When Ray left out of state and I had to pick him up at the airport I was so nervous I had butterflies in my stomach! It was so great seeing him and having him back home! Anyway, today Ray came home for lunch, and he surprised me with these beautiful flowers and a card that said, ” Thinking of you… and just wanted to take a moment to let you know it!” awe! and inside he wrote a little note saying how much he loves me and the girls and that we are his world his everything, and some more beautiful things. <333




If you have been following Megan’s blog… they are asking the blogging community to have a moment of silence for Baby Cohen on Thursday July 1st from midnight to 11:59 pm.

In order to participate in this special event, just post the Cohen banner (below) or post Cohen’s name in large, bold, beautiful letters on your blog.

Why this day? July 1st Megan and Brent will be holding Cohen’s memorial service. The moment of silence is an opportunity for Megan’s blog community to stand behind her and support her on this difficult day. Linking up will give Megan a chance to see the support at a glance. Participating bloggers can Link Up on July 1st at Send Love To Cohen. Will you join us all and help spread the word?

{Not 1, Not 2, But 3!!}

I have broken 3 cameras and 1 was not even mine… it was my sisters!!!! aahh! I guess I’m just extremely clumsy! I told Ray that I broke the last camera we had and that if he can buy me a new one and he said, “Yes, I’ll buy the disposable ones!” hahahaha… he cracks me up!! I don’t even think they sell those anymore…do they? huh!  Hopefully he sees this and surprises me with a new one!! hehe

{Concannon Vineyard…}

My favorite place! I cant stop saying how beautiful this place is!! I wish Ray and I could have had our wedding here! ahh… well, hopefully Elizabeth will get married soon!! She will totally have her wedding here! (If you don’t no why I love this place so much, then click here.) You no what?!.. maybe Ray and I will re-new our vows here if we don’t do it in Fuji or Hawaii!

Last Friday I took my girls on a picnic, and where else then CONCANNON! And grandpa (my dad) would be sure to be there anyway. We got there and had a nice little lunch with my dad, and mom… who decided to join us! After lunch the girls just roamed around, played, and enjoyed having the whole place to themselves… while mom and I just reminisced on the olden days. Man, time sure passes us by… later my girls and hopefully son, will be bringing there little ones here to play too!!

{Fathers Day}

Fathers Day was bitter sweet… Ray was in New Jersey so we didn’t get to spend fathers day with him, but it was nice that we all hung out that Friday before he left.

I spent the night at my parents Saturday night, since I was going to be over there anyway for Fathers Day. It was nice waking up and hanging out with the parents before the rest of the family arrived(aunts,uncles,cousins). Once all the fam arrived we all just hung out, talked, laughed and enjoyed each others company!
My cousins are hilarious they do the craziest things!! OK, so without me knowing my cousins took my cell phone and were txting and sending random people pictures of the most random things! They took a picture of the salsa with a chip in it and sent it to a friend of mine saying, “I threw up a lot.” Oh my gosh!!!!! How embarrassing!! Ok, well I guess it’s not that embarrassing compared to this one…  they zoomed in on my ugly foot and took a picture and sent it to another person on my contacts list saying, “hi.” Oh my gosh I almost died!!! I called/txted that person right away and apologized! ahh!! How embarrassing!! All in all though I did get a laugh out of it, but man… those boys are crazy!! Anyway, Fathers Day was great spending it with my Dad! He was very happy to have the girls and I there.

Dad with his girls

The parents

mMmMmMm Chips!
More chips!
Raychel with all the boy cousins.
My little peanut!
Raychel LOVEs Shadow! Hahaha.. poor shadow!

Being Silly!
We LOVE photography!
The Fam!

{Toy Story 3}

On Friday the 18th we celebrated Fathers Day with Ray, since he was going to be out of state Saturday-Tuesday. We went to dinner at this new sushi place in Dublin that everyone talks highly of, and it turned out to be what everyone said it was… Super Delish! After a nice dinner with all of us together we headed over to my parents house in Livermore to drop off little Oceana, because the rest of us were going to watch Toy Story 3 in 3D!! I can not wait for Oceana to be old enough to sit through a movie… that way we can all be together! Toy Story 3 was such a cute movie! Raychel enjoyed every minute of it! She is so good at sitting through a whole movie and keeping the 3D glasses on!! We all laughed and enjoyed watching it! Ray had a great time with all of us, he really enjoyed his early Fathers Day day!

Oceana was too cute, she kept dipping the chop stick in the soy sauce and then putting it in her mouth.
sorry everyone I know the soy sauce looks gross!

{Danville Lovin’}

I. love. Danville. The neighborhood is just wonderful, the houses are beautiful, the schools are amazing, downtown is so much fun in the summer… its perfect for our little fam!

I went on a walk with my girls… we walked over to the park and then walked over to Starbucks and back home. The neighborhood is just filled with beautiful plants, and flowers… its just so nice to be walking outside and seeing all these beautiful colors everywhere. On the way back home there is this one house that always catches my eye I don’t know if its because of the beautiful colors right in front of it or what, but its a very pretty house. There are a lot of homes that are very beautiful out here and I can not wait to find or dream home soon!

The cute house

Every time I see elderly couples I tell ray, “look babe, that’s us when we get older.” Hopefully though we will be a little more in better shape 😉

{Sprinkler Fun!}

A few day ago I went to turn on the sprinklers, because our grass was getting ugly and we don’t have the sprinklers on a set time (I need to let ray know to set it). While I went to go turn them on Oceana walked out of the front door and onto the grass as the sprinklers we going off! Poor little Oceana she got so scared and soaked! Once I seen her and heard her cry I tried turning the sprinklers off as fast as I could that the little twisty thing to turn them off and on fell off!! I couldn’t find where it went, so not only did O.C. get soaked I did too! I then ran and got Oceana, then Raychel comes out of the house and sees that Oceana and mommy are wet she starts laughing and runs in the sprinklers and get herself wet! hahaha! Well… the good thing is… it was nice and hot out, so I just let her have some fun in the sprinklers!

ps. It took me a while to find the twist thing, since I was trying to find it while the sprinkler was hitting away fom that area, but eventually I found it! Thank God I did or else I would have a pond in my front yard!


On Saturday the day before Oceana’s birthday we went to a BBQ at one of Ray’s friends house who lives in Tracy. When we got to his house the first thing we saw, or I should say the girls saw, is a room filled with toys! They didnt even bother to say hi or anything…nope nothing at all… straight to the toy room they went!

{Super Franks}

About two weeks ago Brittany, Marissa and I took our little ones to Super Franks. It is such an awesome place for the little ones! They have all kinds of rooms, they have the glow & the dark room, toddler town, and the safari room, all of these rooms are a lot of fun for the kids. Super Franks also has some good food for a good price.

 I love taking my girls there, they have so much fun, and its nice too that the mommies can have some great conversations and relax while the kiddos are having fun!